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Structural ironworkers are skilled workers who erect, assemble, or install fabricated structural metal products, usually large metal beams. These beams are used in the erection of industrial, commercial, or large residential buildings. Ironworkers also erect the steel framework on bridges, storage tanks, and overhead crane runways that support heavy equipment. They also erect precast concrete, ornamental ironwork such as stairways, catwalks, gratings, grills, screen, and siding on metal windows. Ironworkers who do rigging work move heavy machinery, pressure vessels, storage tanks, and materials. Most of the work is done outdoors. An ironworker cannot have a fear of heights. They must be keenly aware of the dangers to themselves and others.

Reinforcing ironworkers, or rodworkers, place reinforcement steel and steel mats in foundations, pans, pads, and forms before concrete is poured. Work is done on highways, bridges, airports, sewage plants and foundations for commercial and industrial projects. Placing reinforcement steel is very strenuous work. There is much carrying, bending, walking, prolonged standing, and some working up high. Rodworkers must be able to work under close supervision and with others as a team. They must be away are the dangers around them and assume responsibility for co-workers.

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