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Plasterers apply plaster, cement, or acrylic finish products to the interior and exterior walls and ceilings of hospitals, office buildings, schools, warehouses, residences, shopping centers, and large commercial and industrial projects. The craft requires an extensive amount of outdoor work; therefore, weather conditions are a factor. This is a very active, strenuous trade with much standing, stooping, bending, climbing, and carrying. The ability to work at heights is a must.

Cement masons finish the exposed concrete surfaces of freshly poured floors, walls, sidewalks, foundations, dams, parking garages and lots, runways, warehouses, loading dock floors, roads, and curbs to specified textures or finishes. They level, shape, and smooth surfaces using straight edgers or power screeds. Most of the work is in industrial and commercial buildings. Cement masons must know the working characteristics of various cement and concrete mixes.

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